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MINUTES of the meeting of the working group on the practical implementation of time release study of measuring the time requered for the release of the goods under the methodology of the World Customs Organization in the seaport Odessa


Meeting of the Working Group on the Practical Implementation of Time Release Study using the methodology of the World Customs Organization in the Sea Port of Odessa




Venue: Conference Hall (Odessa, 21а Gaidara Str.)




Odessa Customs, State Fiscal Service:

          - Kyrylov V.V. – Deputy Head of Department - Head of Customs Control Department under the Administration of Customs Control and Clearance;

          - Besedina I.A. – Deputy Head of Customs Control Department under the Administration of Customs Control and Clearance;

- Bolishchuk M.A. - Chief State Inspector of Customs Control Department No 3, Customs Terminal "Odessa-port";

Representatives of the state and other institutions:

- Orlov A.V. - Deputy Director of PPL 33-35;

- Aleshchenko T.N. – Employee at the Data Center for Port Community System (ISPS) LLC PPL 33-35;

- Lavreniuk V.P. - Deputy Chief of the Logistics and Road Vehicles Handling Service at Odessa Sea Port;

- Lukov P.M. - Head of Section for Administrative Services at the Main Directorate of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Service on the Water Transport;

- Adamchuk R.B.- Chief State Inspector of Environmental Control Post  at Odessa Sea Commercial Port, State Environmental Inspection of Northwestern Black Sea Region.




Deputy Chairman of the Working Group Kyrylov V.V. opened the meeting and outlined its main purpose. Thus, the aim of the WG is to make Time Release Study according to the methodology of the World Customs Organization in the sea port of Odessa.

Participants noticed that the options for the given time release study according to this methodology have to be adapted to the existing conditions and processes of the movement of goods in the port, and taking into account possible negative factors causing delays in the goods release at the checkpoint, to elaborate the algorithm for time release study.

Sources of information about the release time at the checkpoint are: Port Community System (hereinafter - ISPS), the state regulatory authorities, maritime agents, stevedoring companies, freight forwarding organizations in order to establish a clear algorithm of release time from the moment the ship with containers calls the port to the release of the container with the goods on the vehicle outside the checkpoint.

During the meeting, it was decided to establish the distribution of the factors that may affect the duration of the clearance procedures for sea containers (in compliance with Art. 319 Customs Code of Ukraine) and the length of container stay at the checkpoint.

It was proposed to base the distribution of factors on the principle of color:

- Green sector (customs clearance carried out without the use of forms of customs control);

- Yellow sector (customs clearance conducted using technical means of control: weighing, scanning);

- Red sector (customs clearance conducted using form of control: customs inspection).

It is also necessary to predict the possible impact on the release time of the so called “free practice”, applied to the container ships, as regards to the time spent by the commission on the vessel.




  1. To elaborate the block diagram of algorithm for time release study at the port of Odessa.

                                                  Deadline: 22.01.2015


  1. On the basis of the above block diagram to develop a method for determining the release time for goods in containers leaving the checkpoint at Odessa Commercial Sea Port.

                                                  Deadline: 30.01.2015


  1. To schedule the next meeting of the Working Group on 23.01.2015.





Deputy Chairman of the WG                                                 V.V. Kyrylov



Secretary                                                                                             I.A. Besedina